From Cold Probes to Angel Food Cake: A Brief History of the Extraction Industry

 In excerpt from a forthcoming book

Amidst all of the frenetic election hoopla, you may have missed the fact that two more states have approved medical cannabis and another has approved cannabis for recreational purposes, bringing the total number of states to 33 and 10, respectively. As the national climate changes and more states legalize cannabis, there is no doubt that the heat will be turned up on regulations governing the industry. It is more important to get your act together now,and have analytical testing procedures in place to accurately document compounds, potency, and purity, whether you do it yourself or with external professional services.

At the recent NCIA Seed to Sale Conference in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure to meet up with some old friends: Fritz Chess, Founder of Eden Labs, and Bryce Berryessa, President of La Vida Verda.  Bryce captured on video a discussion between the three of us that he has dubbed the Future Cannabis Project. If you’ve ever wondered how the plant extraction industry got its start, you will want to hear Fritz talk about his invention of the Cold Probe in the mid-nineties, his first herbal plant extraction device, and how he successfully marketed it in High Times magazine (without getting arrested). We also talked about how the extraction industry has evolved to today’s sophisticated CO2-driven, supercritical fluid extraction techniques that are highly tunable for compounds of interest. We shared our vision of the future and how the industry will be driven by corporatization of giant-scale extraction processors, exotic hybridization that will lead to the development of very unique products, and formulation-specific inline extraction techniques. The part about the angel food cake you will have to hear for yourself.

Sit back and listen to the discussion on YouTube.


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